Visions of a Food Hub: RMIT industrial design studio

Whilst somewhat belated, this post contains some exciting glimpses from a design studio looking at the future of the food system in Melbourne’s south-east.

From March to June, 2013, a group of 15 second year undergraduate industrial design students at RMIT University participated in the Casey Food Hub studio. The studio was led by Jessica Bird with specialist contributions from Kirsten Larsen, Tanya Massy, Stephen Mushin, and Tania Ivanka and aimed at complementing the work being conducted by the South East Food Hub project team. Students conducted field research, reviewed case studies, and used service design tools to explore the complexity and design visions of an alternative food system; product-service system responses for the Casey context. Outcomes were broad in scope and scale, including a mobile food truck, an innovative approach to food waste, a healthy eating and local food education app, and a community knowledge and food exchange program. The students produced posters and short films communicating their visions for an alternative food future in the City of Casey. Below is a selection of the students’ short films with a brief description of each project.
Casey Food Friends – Bo Ploy Chavalparit
Casey Food Friends is a council initiated service to encourage people to develop relationships with neighbourhood ‘homecooks’, through the purchasing of home-cooked food, sharing of cultural foods and knowledge, and healthy cooking lessons.

Casey Food Friends from VEIL on Vimeo.


Monster Veg – Stephanie Xi Cheng Ho
Monster Veg incorporates a fresh produce van and online shop that aim to reduce food waste, increase food accessibility and promote fun and easy cooking for residents of the City of Casey.

Monster Veg from VEIL on Vimeo.


Incr-edible – Taemin Kim
The Incr-edible program encourages secondary school students to learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh seasonal food in a school garden club.

Incr-edible from VEIL on Vimeo.


Easy-Bite – Katherine Jihye Lee
Easy Bite is a service that delivers fresh, healthy, ready-made meals to lockers at train stations for busy commuters to collect on their way home. An affordable, healthy, and local alternative to fast food.

Easy Bite from VEIL on Vimeo.


Casey Mobile Food Hub – Nathan Wigger
The Mobile Food Hub connects residents of the City of Casey with local farmers and food producers. The hub stocks fresh produce, has a kitchen, and hosts healthy cooking lessons.

Casey Mobile Food Hub from VEIL on Vimeo.


More student projects can be seen in the studio Vimeo album.