Trial run of the South East Food Hub (formerly Casey)

Boxes w foodToday was the first trial run of the South East Food Hub. The aim was to run through the proposed operations, check it all works AND make sure there was some delicious, fresh, local produce at the Monash Residential Services exit dinners this week.

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It went something like this:

Crawford Shona beet 2



Leeks, Rhubarb, Parsley and Thyme from the Shona and David at the Vegie Bunch . .





Rob and Joe Russo (sm)



Apples and Apple Juice from the Russo’s at Summer Snow Juice








Farmers bring the food that’s been ordered to Avocare’s warehouse in Dandenong . . where it is picked and packed








and then off it goes to be delivered, cooked and served tonight to Monash students at their end of year dinners.



(Don’t worry – those are empty boxes Tanya is carrying . .)