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Moving Food Along the Value Chain

This report from the USDA examines the aggregation, distribution, and marketing of eight diverse food value chains to glean practical lessons about how they operate, the challenges they face, and how they take advantage of emerging opportunities for marketing differentiated food products. A focus on the operational details of food value chains demonstrates how to […]

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Findings from the 2013 National Food Hub Survey

Findings of the National Food Hub Survey The 2013 National Food Hub Survey gathered information on the financial state of food hubs, the numbers and types of farmers and ranchers that they work with and the types of customers they serve. One of the most comprehensive data sets on food hub operations to date, the […]

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Models and Best Practices for Building Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario and Beyond

This report describes food initiatives in communities across Ontario, including farmers’ markets, on-farm stores and urban farms. The study discusses local food systems, including economic, environmental and social factors involved in food production and consumption, and how they help to strengthen communities. “As you tug on food, you pull everything with it,” said Landman, who […]

National Good Food Network

The National Good Food Network is bringing together people from all parts of the rapidly emerging good food system – producers, buyers, distributors, advocates, investors and funders – to create a community dedicated to scaling up good food sourcing and access. “The challenge presented by the food system is our opportunity—to revolutionize business models, develop […]


Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global Marketplace 2009

A report by the Wallace Center and Business Alliance for Local Living Economies that investigates the performance of 24 community food enterprises internationally, examining how they are meeting ‘the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet’.


Local and Regional Food Hubs boost Rural Economies 2012

A cracking release from the Western Rural Development Center with a number of articles that examine the role of food hubs and local food systems and associated economic, environmental and social benefits.

Birmingham Public Market Study 2011

A study into markets as a way of improving access to healthy affordable food for residents, provide space for the incubation of small businesses and jobs in the local economy, and a site for community education and engagement.

In Every Community a Place for Food 2010

An investigation of the impact of the Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto, covering their key target issues including: income, food access and employment, social support and connectedness, health behaviours, education and literacy. Inspiring stuff! See also the Case Study on the Stop Community Food Centre here.

FAAN Local Food Systems in Europe 2010

Case studies of Food Hubs in five countries and what they imply for policy and practice.

USDA Regional Food Hub Resource Guide 2012

A comprehensive overview of Food Hubs across the USA. The economic, environmental and social impacts they are having, barriers to their growth and strategies to overcome these challenges.