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Central Oregon Food Hub Feasibility Study 2012

Central Oregon Food Hub Feasibility Study A comprehensive study that provides a useful framework for investigating the viability of a food hub for a particular region. It details the current agricultural economy of Central Oregon, opportunities and business risks of a food hub, possible models, useful case studies and strategies and systems for further development.

Food Hubs and Values-Based Supply Chains

Food Hubs and Value Based Supply Chains: A Toolkit 2012

A report written for Californian farmers and ranchers to provide and overview of different emerging distribution models, and the associated benefits, constraints and opportunities.

Growing Manchester Veg People: A Practical Guide

An insightful analysis of how and why they developed this particular model that explores issues around pricing structures, branding, membership, online ordering systems and market growth. To access this resource there is a suggested donation of $10. See also the Case Study on Manchester Veg People here.

A Business and Planning Guide to Food Hubs – Illinois USA 2012

A useful detailed and strategic guide for those looking to develop their own food hub/local food business. Covers business development, possible business models and the nitty gritty (within a US framework) of regulatory environments, governance options and funding sources.

USDA Regional Food Hub Resource Guide 2012

A comprehensive overview of Food Hubs across the USA. The economic, environmental and social impacts they are having, barriers to their growth and strategies to overcome these challenges.

Imagining a Food Hub in Casey 2011

The City of Casey, in Melbourne’s South-East, is uniquely positioned to explore the possibility of a Food Hub as it strives to address the needs of a rapidly expanding urban population and offer new opportunities for highly productive farms and farmers close-by. The attached scoping document explores an imagined ‘Casey Food Hub’ that could up opportunities […]

Scoping, Design and Recommendations for Development of a ‘Food Hub’ in the City of Casey 2012

Part 1 of this report describes the Scoping Project undertaken from July-December 2011. The scoping project set out to: Undertake a preliminary investigation and consultation about the Casey context – what is the need and what are the opportunities; Introduce the idea and explore the potential of a ‘food hub’ as an intervention to reshape […]