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Building Successful Food Hubs: A Business Planning Guide for Aggregating and Processing Local Food in Illinois

Building Successful Food Hubs_Illinois This comprehensive business planning guide is a collaboration between the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, University of Illinois Business Innovation Services and the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The aim of the guide is to increase the market options available to local farmers by increasing the number of viable Food […]

Ontario - Community Food Toolkit

Community Food Toolkit

A toolkit to “help you build more resilient, sustainable communities of food that respect the principles of ecological resilience, social justice and economic viability from field to table to compost heap.”

Food Hubs and Values-Based Supply Chains

Food Hubs and Value Based Supply Chains: A Toolkit 2012

A report written for Californian farmers and ranchers to provide and overview of different emerging distribution models, and the associated benefits, constraints and opportunities.

Growing Manchester Veg People: A Practical Guide

An insightful analysis of how and why they developed this particular model that explores issues around pricing structures, branding, membership, online ordering systems and market growth. To access this resource there is a suggested donation of $10. See also the Case Study on Manchester Veg People here.

A Business and Planning Guide to Food Hubs – Illinois USA 2012

A useful detailed and strategic guide for those looking to develop their own food hub/local food business. Covers business development, possible business models and the nitty gritty (within a US framework) of regulatory environments, governance options and funding sources.