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SE Food Hub – Report on Phase 2

Full report – Phase 2 Report

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Food Hubs and Food Relief – Opportunities in the South East

The aim of this research is to provide insight into the barriers faced by people in the low socio economic status (SES) groups in the City of Casey and surrounding areas, and to understand better the challenges and opportunities in connecting them to fresh fruit and vegetables. Consultation with Emergency Food Providers was conducted to […]

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Models and Best Practices for Building Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario and Beyond

This report describes food initiatives in communities across Ontario, including farmers’ markets, on-farm stores and urban farms. The study discusses local food systems, including economic, environmental and social factors involved in food production and consumption, and how they help to strengthen communities. “As you tug on food, you pull everything with it,” said Landman, who […]

Rebuilding Local Economies Through Networks of Small Farmers 2012

Full report from Elaine Bradley’s Churchill scholarship, which was an investigation of rural communities in the USA that have rebuilt local economies by supporting networks of small farmers working together.


Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global Marketplace 2009

A report by the Wallace Center and Business Alliance for Local Living Economies that investigates the performance of 24 community food enterprises internationally, examining how they are meeting ‘the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet’.


Local and Regional Food Hubs boost Rural Economies 2012

A cracking release from the Western Rural Development Center with a number of articles that examine the role of food hubs and local food systems and associated economic, environmental and social benefits.


Expanding Local Food Production, Storage and Marketing Capacity 2009

An overview of the producer survey and results conducted by the Intervale Centre in 2007 and how this guided their approach to the development of a multi-farm CSA food hub model.

A Business and Planning Guide to Food Hubs – Illinois USA 2012

A useful detailed and strategic guide for those looking to develop their own food hub/local food business. Covers business development, possible business models and the nitty gritty (within a US framework) of regulatory environments, governance options and funding sources.

In Every Community a Place for Food 2010

An investigation of the impact of the Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto, covering their key target issues including: income, food access and employment, social support and connectedness, health behaviours, education and literacy. Inspiring stuff! See also the Case Study on the Stop Community Food Centre here.

FAAN Local Food Systems in Europe 2010

Case studies of Food Hubs in five countries and what they imply for policy and practice.