Interview Guides

Locations: Australia. Location Detail: Casey. Topics: Developing a Food Hub. Resource Type: Tool.

Here are the interview guides developed and used by the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (at University of Melbourne) in Phase 1 of the Food Hub in Casey project. We developed one for use with farmers and one focused on local businesses.

The  guides support a basic semi-structured interview and lead the user through questions on:

Part 1: Context: about you and your enterprise

Part 2: Value-adding, marketing and distribution – opportunities

Part 3: Next Steps

The guides contain a number of ‘prompts’ i.e. you don’t need to ask all the questions, the sub-parts are reminders in case areas of interest haven’t come up in conversation.

Some people like to talk a lot more than others! Time taken to work through these questions can range from 30 to 90 mins, mostly somewhere in the middle.

Interview Guide – Producer

Interview Guide – Business or Community Service