Food System Mapping Tools

Tags: mapping and VEIL. Locations: Australia. Location Detail: Casey and Victoria. Topics: Developing a Food Hub. Resource Type: Tool.

We have used some form of ‘food system map’ as a tool when people are arriving at local food workshops on a few occasions now. They can be useful to:

  • Break the ice and give people something to do / talk about as they’re arriving (useful for people who don’t know anyone)
  • Give everyone a quick look at who else is there
  • Build community awareness of the diverse interests and perspectives in the room
  • Get people thinking about ‘systems’ – “wow, this impacts so many different people”

This can be the first stage in networking if people don’t know each other.

The attached map is a fairly rough and ready template, with powerpoint provided so you could use to adapt however you like. This was influenced by a number of things, not least Steve Bosserman’s Framework for Sustainable Local Economic Development (this version is simplified in some areas and has more detail in others).

Pictures below are from the workshop held in Cranbourne in February 2013, as part of stakeholder engagement around a possible Food Hub in Casey. They show the diverse community interest in this project

Stakeholder map-orange