Scoping, Design and Recommendations for Development of a ‘Food Hub’ in the City of Casey 2012

Locations: Australia. Location Detail: Casey and Victoria. Topics: Developing a Food Hub. Resource Type: Document (PDF etc) and Scoping Study.

Part 1 of this report describes the Scoping Project undertaken from July-December 2011.

The scoping project set out to:

  • Undertake a preliminary investigation and consultation about the Casey context – what is the need and what are the opportunities;
  • Introduce the idea and explore the potential of a ‘food hub’ as an intervention to reshape the local food system;
  • Develop a methodology and resources that can also be used for replicable process in other regions; and
  • Introduce a Concept Food Hub for Casey, to stimulate discussion and further action.

Part 2 outlines a case, considerations and suggested pathways for further development of a Food Hub in Casey.

From the scoping project, the project team suggests that there is a strong case for the development of a Food Hub and/or associated activities in the City of Casey, based on:

  • A clearly identified need (and opportunity) for intervention in the Casey food system;
  • High levels of interest and engagement in the idea of a Food Hub and the concept circulated;
  • Proven success of the model overseas and an array of options for adaptation to local context; and
  • Clear commitment of further funding from a project partner (VicHealth).