Russell Shields

Russell (with a little home veggie garden that needs far more love) is a founding staff member of SecondBite, from its time as a borrowed laptop and a simple idea, to a national non-profit food rescue organisation. In 2012 SecondBite collected 3 million kgs of fresh food that might otherwise have gone to waste and with the generous support of over 600 volunteers, enough produce to provide 6 million hearty meals was provided to over 500 community food programs across Australia. Throughout its rapid growth SecondBite has retained its focus on the needs of the community organisations and food relief agencies it exists to serve, and is constantly striving for an equitable and sustainable food system. It sees the bigger picture around food insecurity and has developed education programs so the food redistributed can be more than just a meal to the people who receive it.

Russell is a member of the City of Melbourne Homelessness Advisory Committee, Council to Homeless Persons Policy Advisory Group, and the StreetSmart Grants Committee.