Kirsten Larsen

Kirsten Larsen (Eaterprises)

Kirsten has been investigating the ins and outs of all things food for around 7 years. From a background in state government sustainability, climate and food policy, Kirsten turned to systemic analysis of food security and sustainability and has been involved in development and implementation of Food Policies at state and local government levels. With the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab at the University of Melbourne, she has focused on analysing and communicating the technical and social innovations that change what is possible – and bring healthy communities and ecosystems closer.

This work has included leading projects such as: Sustainable and Secure Food Systems for Victoria: What do we know? What do we need to know?; research into Victoria’s food freight system and international best practice food distribution models; investigation of different future scenarios on our Food Supply; and a framework for Food Sensitive Planning and Urban Design.

More recently, Kirsten’s attention has increasing balanced thinking and talking with some serious doing . . . targeted contributions to accelerate the food systems transformation that is coming from the people, communities and businesses that ‘get it’.  Kirsten is a founding Director of Eaterprises Australia, a social enterprise focused on transforming the way food is distributed and exchanged. With endless and awesome partners and friends – Eaterprises has instigated the development of a Food Hub in Casey, the Australian Food Hubs Network and our most recent adventure – the Open Food Web Foundation (building open source software solutions for the food revolution).