Jo Clifford

Jo Clifford is a first generation farmer. With her husband Garth Doolan, also a first generation farmer, Jo farms wine grapes, lamb, beef and fine wool on land in Faraday, Central Victoria. Her farm business model Alexander’s Farm Gate & Shared Table was developed in response to the unseasonal rain events of vintage 2010-2011 which devastated their grape crop. Jo and Garth are now transitioning from an agribusiness model of “Big is Better!” to a “Small is Beautiful” farm business philosophy that is more closely aligned to the way they want to live, grow children, farm and care for land – a challenge and experience shared by many other Australian farming families.

Through the sharing of farm resources, including land and on-farm infrastructure, Alexander’s Farm Gate & Shared Table seeks to improve the personal prosperity of Central Victorian farmers and to help grow the local food economy. Jo is working in collaboration with other producers and local food advocates to establish a Local Grower’s Cooperative in Central Victoria – the Farm Food Depot!

Jo is also a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and in February 2013 was named Runner-up of the 2013 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award (Victoria).