Chris Ennis

Chris Ennis (CERES)

Chris Ennis manages the CERES Organic Farm and CERES Fair Food, both parts of a thriving not-for-profit environmental education centre in the heart of Melbourne. For the past 12 years the CERES Farm Team have been inspiring and training urban farmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with a demonstration local food system that includes a seedling nursery, organic market gardens, an aquaponics system, a mushroom farm, bees, an organic food market, the Urban Orchard food swap, community co-ops, an organic café, a local in-season catering service and a whole lot more. On just 3 acres of productive land CERES Organic Farm employs 40 people as farmers, teachers, cooks & market workers, helps feed hundreds of local families and earns income of over $2 million per year.

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