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Russell Shields

Russell (with a little home veggie garden that needs far more love) is a founding staff member of SecondBite, from its time as a borrowed laptop and a simple idea, to a national non-profit food rescue organisation. In 2012 SecondBite collected 3 million kgs of fresh food that might otherwise have gone to waste and […]


Stephen Mushin

Stephen Mushin (Independent, affiliated with CERES) Stephen Mushin is a freelance designer who works on ecologically focussed design projects, sculpture and alternative energy and waste technologies. His work is largely architectural and landscape orientated in scale and he is fascinated by creating food producing, zero waste ‘living’ spaces. He also works as an Ecological Systems […]


Chris Ennis

Chris Ennis (CERES) Chris Ennis manages the CERES Organic Farm and CERES Fair Food, both parts of a thriving not-for-profit environmental education centre in the heart of Melbourne. For the past 12 years the CERES Farm Team have been inspiring and training urban farmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds with a demonstration local food […]

Imagining a Food Hub in Casey 2011

The City of Casey, in Melbourne’s South-East, is uniquely positioned to explore the possibility of a Food Hub as it strives to address the needs of a rapidly expanding urban population and offer new opportunities for highly productive farms and farmers close-by. The attached scoping document explores an imagined ‘Casey Food Hub’ that could up opportunities […]


CERES Fair Food

CERES Fair Food is an ethical organic food delivery service providing the people across Melbourne with convenient access to affordable and fairly traded, organic fruit and vegetables. CERES Fair Food sources the freshest 100% certified organic produce directly from local farming families, and from CERES owned and managed urban farms right in the heart of […]

Scoping, Design and Recommendations for Development of a ‘Food Hub’ in the City of Casey 2012

Part 1 of this report describes the Scoping Project undertaken from July-December 2011. The scoping project set out to: Undertake a preliminary investigation and consultation about the Casey context – what is the need and what are the opportunities; Introduce the idea and explore the potential of a ‘food hub’ as an intervention to reshape […]

Casey Food Hub

The City of Casey, in Melbourne’s South-East, is striving to address the needs of a rapidly expanding urban population while offering new opportunities for highly productive farms and farmers close-by. The City of Casey is 35 km south-east of the Melbourne CBD and contains some of Australia’s ‘most fertile and valuable agriculture areas’ (City of […]

Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative

Working towards a more secure Australian Food Industry. The Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative is building a factory to replace Heinz in the Goulburn Valley as part of a cooperative food hub turning local ingredients into quality foods that Australians want to buy. In late May 2011, Heinz Australia announced what it termed “productivity initiatives to […]