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Churchill Report (Elaine Bradley)

Elaine Bradley

For seven weeks between September and November 2012 I toured the southern Appalachian region of the mid-eastern United States visiting and interviewing small farming operations and their support organizations in the local food supply network. These support organizations included Cooperative Extension Services, collaborative food distribution facilities, farm business incubators, training organizations, farmers markets and agritourism […]


Robert Pekin

Robert Pekin (Food Connect ThinkFood) Robert, a former dairy farmer and market gardener, is recognised nationally and internationally for his pioneering work in establishing the award-winning Brisbane-based social enterprise Food Connect: a unique and highly innovative ‘Australianised’ model of Community-Shared Agriculture. Robert brings to this Project the years of accumulated wisdom and experience with Food […]

Food Connect Brisbane

 ‘At Food Connect we all share the risk. Our farmers jump out of bed excited, city folk get great produce, and that creates real community.’ Food Connect Brisbane is based on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture. Food is sourced directly from local farmers, delivered each week to the food connect ‘homestead’ for each city, […]