Kicking it up a notch in 2014


Well a belated happy new year to you folks! We hope it’s off to a good start for you and yours, we have a good feeling about this one and we’re pretty darn excited to tell you about our plans.

This year we want to consolidate the Australian Food Hubs Network as a dynamic, focused community of practice and a useful resource base to promote the growth of this fantastic movement in Australia.

In the last couple of years we’ve defined who we are and what we do, and we have established some solid communication channels to have these conversations on facebook, twitter, our website and blog, yammer and through our mailing list.

In 2013 we coordinated a National speaking tour with Chris Walsh from Manchester Veg People in the UK, with 25 events across 30 days and many inspiring conversations; you can read Chris’ blogs from the tour at We also convened a very well populated and attended conference stream on Food Hubs at the Agri-Food Research Conference, focused on how researchers and ‘doers’ can work together to make things happen!

Our key objectives for 2014 are:

1. CONNECT people working on Food Hubs to share knowledge and resources

2. AMPLIFY successful models and experiences

3. UNDERSTAND what’s going on and what’s working –  shape future research

4. CONSOLIDATE existing resources and tools to support new Hubs

5. ENSURE that the Australian Food Hubs Network is well‐positioned for independent operation

We want to make sure we are reaching everyone who is (or wants to be) involved with an Australian Food Hub project, so we can paint a clear picture of where this movement is at and create the best value possible from our efforts. Our mailing list will be the key point of contact for all future updates, please make sure you are on that list by clicking on the link below (opens in a new tab), and please share with anyone who would benefit from these updates. We’ll send out an email  shortly with the full run-down on what we have on our agenda this year, and how you can get involved!