Manchester Veg People

Driven By: Business. Activities: Organic and Season Planning. Locations: UK. Location Detail: Manchester. Stage: Established. Business Model: Cooperative. Function: Distribution.

A co-operative of Greater Manchester Organic growers and restaurants working together to provide fresh, seasonal food of the highest possible quality.

They have developed a model where produce is sold based on the actual cost of production rather than fluctuating market prices, meaning our talented growers are rewarded with a fair price for their labour.

Manchester Veg People Aim to:

  1. To sell organic fruit & veg across Greater Manchester, including encouraging new or existing growers to go organic.
  2. To minimise the difference between farm-gate and retail prices.
  3. To support our businesses so that we can make a living.
  4. To engage customers and show them what’s possible.
  5. To do the right thing environmentally.
  6. To co-operate between growers and between growers and buyers.

Manchester Veg People operate as a food hub by ensuring fair prices to food growers, and by assisting in direct distribution between locally grown food and local businesses.