Local Food Hub

A non-profit working to connect families, farms and food grown close to home

Goal: to increase the public’s access to locally-grown food and so enhance the viability of
local farmers and growers.

The Local Food Hub is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen and secure the future of a healthy regional food supply by providing small farmers with concrete services that support their economic vitality and promote stewardship of the land.

They offer a range of services for farmers, including aggregation, distribution, sales, marketing, and access to large consistent buyers. Local Food Hub aims to make life a little easier for the folks who grow the food.

They also offer a range of other programs including educational programs such as farm worker training and school programs, workshops, and pop-up markets.

Local Food Hub operates a local food warehouse where they purchase and aggregate locally grown produce from more than 70 small family farms within 100 miles of Charlottesville. Food is then distributed to more than 150 locations in the region, including public schools, hospitals, institutions, restaurants and markets.

They are exclusively a wholesaler of local fruits, vegetables, and products, selling through institutions (schools, hospitals, universities, senior centers), grocers, caterers and restaurants. They do not sell direct to consumer, basically because there are thriving direct sales (box schemes, coops etc) in the area and they didn’t want to compete or undermine those schemes.

It began with the aggregation and distribution, but the farm (5 acres of fruit and
vegetables) came soon after as it became evident that:

  • To meet community demand, they were going to need more farmers
  • Current farmers were in need of support services and educational resources to help them scale up production.

Produce from farm – 75% goes into our distribution cycle and 25% is donated to food
banks. Work with buyers and local farmers to produce a ‘Demand Document’ for each season, enabling coordination of production to avoid shortages and gluts.

Photo from Local Food Hub