Food Connect Sydney

Activities: Organic and Seasonal Food Box. Locations: Australia. Location Detail: New South Wales and Sydney. Stage: Established. Business Model: Social Enterprise. Function: Distribution.

We want to excite Sydney society with opportunities to take positive action that will help improve social outcomes for our urbanised and rural communities

Food Connect Sydney’s delivers seasonal boxes of sustainable produce direct from local farmers. They pay farmers a fair price, build community and make real food available to city folk. The farmers are all the most local commercial suppliers and are either certified organic or have a signed agreement that commits them to supplying us with only chemical-free produce.

They’re fulfilling many of the key roles of a food hub:
  • aggregating and distributing local produce
  • dealing directly with farmers to ensure a fair price
  • creating greater access to local fresh produce for communities
  • creating stronger connections within communities, and between growers and eaters.


Food Connect Sydney have been operating since 15 February 2010.