Food Connect Brisbane

Activities: Community Supported Agriculture and Seasonal Food Box. Locations: Australia. Location Detail: Brisbane and Queensland. Stage: Established. Business Model: Social Enterprise. Function: Distribution.

 ‘At Food Connect we all share the risk. Our farmers jump out of bed excited, city folk get great produce, and that creates real community.’

Food Connect Brisbane is based on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture.

Food is sourced directly from local farmers, delivered each week to the food connect ‘homestead’ for each city, packed into various fruit and veggie box sizes and types, and then delivered to central pick up points  for subscribers to collect.

They’re fulfilling many of the key roles of a food hub:
  • aggregating and distributing local produce
  • dealing directly with farmers to ensure a fair price
  • creating greater access to local fresh produce for communities
  • creating stronger connections within communities, and between growers and eaters.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but Food Connect cuts costs for consumers while increasing the income of farmers by cutting out the extra steps in the food chain that characterises Australia’s conventional food system.

According to the founder of Food Connect in Brisbane, Robert Pekin:

“Consumers pay about 80 percent of what they would normally pay in the supermarket, and 40 to 50 percent less than what they would pay for organic products. In a lot of cases, our farmers are earning double what they’d normally get for their produce.” (Food Connect)

Food Connect was established in 2005 and has grown to a customer network of 1000 families supporting around 70 farmers.