CERES Fair Food

Activities: Organic and Seasonal Food Box. Locations: Australia. Location Detail: Melbourne and Victoria. Stage: Established.

CERES Fair Food is an ethical organic food delivery service providing the people across Melbourne with convenient access to affordable and fairly traded, organic fruit and vegetables.

CERES Fair Food sources the freshest 100% certified organic produce directly from local farming families, and from CERES owned and managed urban farms right in the heart of the city. Customers pre-order their weekly boxes of seasonal goodies; as well as breads, dairy products and other household staples; which are packed and delivered either to a nominated pick up point or direct to the customers home.

CERES Fair Food is a not-for-profit enterprise that cycles the money from customers back to:

  • Pay local farming families a fair price for sustainably grown produce
  • Employ and train disadvantaged workers
  • Support the good work of CERES Community Environment Park, an award-winning community organisation in East Brunswick.

So again those key ingredients of strengthening local food systems are pivotal for one of Australia’s ‘foodiest’ urban centres: fair prices for farmers,  greater access to local fresh food for consumers and a lessening of the disconnect between the two.