Bay Cities Produce Company

Driven By: Business. Activities: Wholesale Distribution. Locations: USA. Location Detail: California. Stage: Established. Business Model: Commercial. Function: Aggregation, Distribution, and Processing.

Family owned produce distributor and processor supporting local producers.

Bay Cities Produce has developed a local produce program that helps customers with their quest to purchase local products. Bay Cities exclusively services restaurants and institutions (clubs, hospitals, ships, etc.). Their processing facilities support a full line of fresh, frozen, and prepared fruits and vegetables, enabling them to take seasonal surplus (e.g. tomatoes) which they process into retail products (e.g. salsa blends).

Bay Cities is a 60 year old family business that is committed to supporting the continued (and increased) existence of diverse, local and family-owned farms and meeting customer demand for local produce. They do this by apecialising in California grown produce (approx. 70-80%).

They have developed a simple designation standard for local produce grown in California (L1, L2 and L3 categories depending on distance) in addition to the standard ‘country of origin’. These appear on invoices and information on the amount of a customers produce that is provided locally can be provided.