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Photos of the volunteer packing magic in action from a recent trip by an AFHN member who visited the Oklahoma Co-op.

Oklahoma Food Coop

We’ve finally found one thing that fundamentalist Baptists can come together with Pagans to agree about,” says Bob Waldrop, founder and president of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, “and that’s local food. This coming together was a miracle.’   The Oklahoma food Coop operates on a simple and inexpensive model that links regional producers directly with […]

Manchester Veg People

A co-operative of Greater Manchester Organic growers and restaurants working together to provide fresh, seasonal food of the highest possible quality. They have developed a model where produce is sold based on the actual cost of production rather than fluctuating market prices, meaning our talented growers are rewarded with a fair price for their labour. […]

Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative

Working towards a more secure Australian Food Industry. The Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative is building a factory to replace Heinz in the Goulburn Valley as part of a cooperative food hub turning local ingredients into quality foods that Australians want to buy. In late May 2011, Heinz Australia announced what it termed “productivity initiatives to […]