Background: Casey Food Hub


In June 2011, VicHealth and the City of Casey co-funded an alliance of social enterprises and non-profits (led by Eaterprises Australia) to: scope, design and explore critical factors to inform feasibility of a regional food initiative/demonstration project (a ‘food hub’) in the City of Casey.

The project was established in recognition that while there is widespread and increasing activity around local food in Victoria and Australia, many current interventions are small, remaining niche and very vulnerable. Similarly, there are constraints to producer involvement in more local/regional sales, such as lack of scale and inconsistency of demand, which leads to significant extra costs (too much hassle) of being involved.

A scoping process reviewed documentation outlining challenges and current strategies in Casey and undertook preliminary consultations with Casey Council staff, growers and food relief agencies. The findings were further developed in a stakeholder workshop, which informed a Concept Paper that was circulated for further input and a Final Report (Scoping), suggesting a pathway for further development.

The scoping project was the origin of the Australian Food Hubs Network.