Agri-Food – All About Food Hubs!!


Or not quite, but a decent chunk!

The program for the Food Hubs sessions of the Agri-Food conference in Melbourne next week is now available – Agri-Food – Food Hubs theme – what a juicy line up we have there.

There are four sessions running over Tuesday and Wednesday. The four themes are:

  1. Context: why do we need change in food distribution, opportunities and challenges, a role for Food Hubs?
  2. Getting started: research, co-design, activism, enterprise
  3. Barriers and enablers: what are the challenges to scale and replication? How do we overcome them?
  4. Making it work, what have we learnt?

Each session has 3-4 papers followed by a nice long meaty discussion session.

Remember to register, and encourage others to do so (NB. If you’re only wanting to come for the Food Hubs sessions you can register for one day and come to the food hub themes on both days)

Hope to see you there